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Go Unconventional
Mix the pleasure of simplicity with your individual work style to achieve the best results, personally and professionally
Work Where You Please
Book a workspace - anywhere, at any time. Turn mundane work into a pleasurable one.
Breaking Digital Confines
Don't let your connections depend merely on virtual invites. Fix meetings. Engage.
Fusing Flexibility With Privacy
Reservations, walk-in- check-ins & enrolled-check- ins combined with standardised stationery, seamless Wi-Fi, documenting aids and free beverages.
Provisions For Every Professional
From Meeting/Day passes to Fixed & Multi-locational Memberships.Happy Work Hours- the more you work, the more you redeem
Variety Of Options
From lounge and casual sitting options, business meeting zones, rooftops cafes to terraces and open spaces- the choice shall be yours.
Powerful Network of people
Engage with the right people at the right time. The alluring shared table conversations and a lot of chances to make your impressions, all made accessible to you at stylework with our powerful network of people. By giving you an ingress to the scattered community we'll make your grind here definitely worth it.
Our partner workspaces
Stylework - a standardized coworking environment that lets you socialize with an outlook towards unconventional innovation. Connect to the compatible individuals to learn, collaborate and advance/grow.
Learn How to achieve more in your work culture
Let Yourself Free When You Work
A cup of brewed coffee, freshly baked sandwich and most importantly the aura of like minded people to share your ideas, clear your doubts and argue on nuances. This is what we provide at Stylework. We provide you an opportunity to escape your mundane and silent four walls of workspace to an environment where you can meet people working for a similar purpose.
( CEO )
Co-Working Life Style
Co-Working Life Style
Why do little alone when you can do much better together. Changing the working trend is the need of the hour. Leave behind the traditional working trends and make your unconventional ideas and dreams come true with the co working spirit. Connecting,
Anirudh Roy
( Designer )
A Stylework Experience
It was after an hour of my mother's and my ever-ringing alarm's combined efforts that I decided to oblige the entirety. It was 10 am already, and it was going to be a long day, given the amount of work I'd taken on. It was after infusing my very nerves with caffeine,
A Stylework Experience
Namita Das
( CEO )
Unconventional Vibe
Unconventional Vibe
The four walls, the stale air, the static views, the monthly income. It begs the question: Why on earth are millions of us playing puppets to this tedium of conventionality when our work defines us? Makes us who we are? Things just don't add up.
A Unconventional Worker
( Writer )
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