The Venture’s Vision is to play around Work, a mix around physical spaces and digital social network with Evolving Work elements deeply re-imagined and easily implementable at the user’s life, creating a new Style of living. Moreover, Stylework Unconventional Working Ethics will make it a Vibe, a Feeling of no constraints and free-birds either to Live or Work.
Writing a story here to express our feelings regarding our project StyleWork. Writing a Story can only let us take out our actual feelings and ambitions that we have for StyleWork. It is not manipulated! but its our ideology #UNCONVENTIONAL. It's what our vision is.Please find a little time to read our feelings, if there are any oscillations between you and us, we will be waiting for your feedbacks right here staring at the laptop screen. The idea of working remotely has been there for over a decade, but most people called it “Work from home”. We like to call that period as “freedompreneurs era”. This era, has blasted like a supernova in the past few years. A co-living concept has emerged where people can choose to work and live together with other digital nomads for as long as they like and wherever they like. Call yourself a remote worker, freelancer or digital nomad: you are all the same for us The vibe of the space is a direct reflection of the people working
there. The places where we could see ourselves working (as a coworker), were the ones where we could see ourselves getting along with the staff, people who we would like to share a coffee with, not just buy a coffee from. These are the places that will be successful at building communities around them and it is with “community physically and digitally connected ” at the heart that the culture will remain. It actually shouldn’t matter how big the space is or how many services are offered as long as the people owning it and working there understand the importance of community building.A place for work it was and it will be, we all know only coffee can’t attract customers, we can drink Nescafe without wasting 100 bucks and then also not liking the Cappuccino. Café was always the place for meetings and chatterboxes, but for work purpose, our competitors always de-marketed it as they don’t have the solution to bring out the worth of a café as a perfect place for work.
Since the market was growing and need of a temporary workspace was a need, someone had to find a solution which would be the easiest one. Firstly model of renting out the place conventionally came followed by co-working flexible space model ( bringing next level of offline networking ), since it is always better to have something than nothing, the market reacted and increased. These solutions in the mind of our competitors were/are not perfect, therefore have various drawbacks like a high operational cost for companies in renting space for consumers ( electricity bill, maintenance cost, brokerage, security, uneasy availability, high real estate price etc. ) leading to low profit and low expansion rates, hence the market they are able to grab, that is only a section of start-ups and freelancers.
Each and every person in the universe does work, isn’t it?
So why only start-ups or freelancers are using these co-working spaces? We can say that here the marketing efforts and sometimes companies ideology was/is not up-to the mark. Going deep down the thoughts, these scenarios came into the picture and hence the birth of the idea, StyleWork happened where from product to marketing, we focused on unconventional working trends. Bringing in the picture, initially the cafes that were blamed, we planned for converting these cafes into co-working spaces for our style for our re-defined target audience as start-ups, freelancers, net, B2B companies,Corporates, Sales/BD employees executive of small to big firms, artists communities and daily multi-functional . Solving the problems in cafes that competitors are unable to find like disturbance for working class, lack of facilities(i.e. Standardization), we came up with the solutions like hourly, daily, weekly and monthly passes , advanced booking of seat (Scheduling),
facilities like Free and Fast WIFI, Free Coffee/Tea, Basic Working Stationary,Happy Work Hours - Stylework Community Discount on F&B(10-15%),then F&B Redemption over almost 70% of Pass Values, Psychological objects around the workstation(soon) ,Work Friendly Music and High Interaction Features between our community during co-working hours, hence converting cafes environment according to the work, off-course only in their off-peak hours ). Cafes already existing real state on best working locations with beautiful work psychological ambience are only adding value to our concept.

A single solution can always solve more problems than we think. Urge for that one solution is the only belief StyleWork holds in its fresh-born heart(s), like that when we were/are too young.In the midst of commercialism, there still stands the opportunity for coworking as a culture to grow and keep the community at heart. At Stylework, we are excited for the challenge.Stylework aims to provides workspace , community and services for a global network being the Exclusive Aggregator .Our hearts know where to start & what direction to lead, after that it's all auto mode, syncing, intuitions or flow, that takes the command.
Trust Us, this is Just #TheFirstStep from Stylework!!
Enjoy your Free Trial Day & be a part in this astonishing journey right from the beginning .
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